outpatient therapy

outpatient therapy

Outpatient Therapy in Louisville, KY

Springhurst Pines offers in-patient and out-patient therapy services

Are you or your loved one experiencing any of the following?

• Problems with knees buckling
• Needs help walking
• Tires easily
• Shuffles feet when walking
• Needs help with standing
• Has loss of balance
• Has loss of joint motion
• Is unsteady/falls
• Needs help using wheelchair
• Doesn’t sit well in wheelchair
• Isn’t safe alone
• Is confused
• Is losing weight
• Is eating less
• Drools or coughs during meals
• Has problems dressing
• Has problems bathing
• Has problems using the restroom
• Has difficulty feeding self
• Doesn’t speak clearly
• Complains of pain
• Is getting weaker
• Is withdrawn and isolated
• Has swollen ankles/legs
• Has wounds/open areas
• Decreased ability to complete household tasks


Care provided for all ages. Medicare and Private Insurance accepted.

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